Santa Claus Parade

 The Santa Claus Parade in Toronto was quite an emotional and festive event as it occurred during the weekend after the Paris Terrorist attacks. Despite what happened that Friday in Paris, Canadians bravely went out that sunny and warm Sunday to watch our annual 111th Santa Claus Parade. There were the usual clowns, many bands from the all over Canada and USA that played Christmas songs and a parade of gigantic floats representing many sectors of our society. The Canadians gave our Mayor, John Tory and our Metro Police a round of applause as they marched to show our support and solidarity to them and to Paris. The Santa Claus Parade also heralded the start of the Christmas season and shopping in Toronto. Enjoy the parade!
Santa Claus comes to Town!

Give Thanks

 Our neighbour, the United States will be celebrating their Thanksgiving this Thursday and then it will be Black Friday, a shopping sales extravaganza. Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for all of our blessings of peace, love, family and friends. It is also a time to gather all friends and family around the table sharing the family dinner of turkey, sides and desserts with bottles of wine for everyone. Pottery Barn presented here a very stylish table using their China, silverware and decor depicting the abundance of the fall harvest with pumpkins, turkey and berries. Share the harvest and always be thankful. It will make your day better. Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans. 

Brasserie Gabrielle

 While watching CNN's Anderson Cooper, he interviewed one of the survivor, a medical doctor/ columnist from the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris early this year. The medical doctor/columnist told Anderson Cooper that the best revenge, resistance, to the evil that happened in Paris is to continue their lifestyle of going out to their favourite cafe and brasseries to sit down with loved ones and drink cafe creme while watching the people go by.  The Chanel Fall Ready To Wear collection was presented in a make shift Brasserie Gabrielle at the Grand Palais. It showed fabulous clothes from pant suits, coats, jackets, skirts, dresses and evening wear. There were also fabulous accessories from the Boy Bag to loads of Chanel jewellery and the currently hot two toned Chanel slingbacks. We should not be afraid. We should continue to live our lives to be vigilant, defiant and brave. 

Pray For Paris, Pray For The World

 I can't believe that we have come to this. Another terrorist attack in Paris, France that have claimed over 129 lives and hundreds more injured. All of the this violence for what? Just to prove that your beliefs are better than anyone else? Is it worth it? We want to tell you that it is not worth it, whatever you are fighting for. It is not worth it to kill innocent people, to terrorise the world just so that we will believe you. Not at all. Never. 
The recent terror attack in Paris is heartbreaking. The victims and the French people are in my thoughts and prayers. As you know, Paris is one of my favourite cities in Europe besides London. Paris has become my city for vacation and for refuge from my busy life here in Toronto. I am thankful that Paris always welcome people from all over the world to share its beauty, arts, culture, elegance, style and even delicious french food and pastries to the rest of the World. We will not be defeated. We are in solidarity with the French people and other countries targeted by this evil enemy.
 Peace does not come free. Let us pray together for Paris, pray for Beirut and pray for the rest of the World. We pray that our leaders in government will do the right thing to protect our freedoms, their citizens and defeat the enemy soon. We pray that those lost among the enemy will see the light. We pray that we will all have love and peace in the World. 
St Michael Archangel at the Boulevard St Michel.
Lighting a candle in the Pieta inside the L'Eglise Saint Sulpice.
We will be victorious. 
After a period of mourning, the Eiffel Tour lights up proudly. 
Not defeated but defiant. 
(Photo credit: @I_am_un_chat)
There is hope for peace. 

Never, never, never give up!
- Winston Churchill

Holts Fall Style

 I am so loving the Fall style at Holt Renfrew right now. The display in the Holts Bloor, Toronto store featured all of my favourite from whimsical and fun party dresses in fuchsia and black and white, monochromatic clothes and knit dresses. I particularly loved the Celine Fall Collection designed by Phoebe Philo which featured knit dresses and coats in camel. I am also inspired by the monochromatic styling here in all grey, camel or black. Then, no other than Gucci to feature the best stylish coats for Fall. What fashion style is inspiring you this Fall?
Camel and grey ensemble and knit sleeveless dress in navy blue all from Celine. 
This is my favourite style in navy blue knit dress, white shirt and Celine bag in brown.
Celine bag in brown.
Multi-colour Celine bag.
Fall style in blue and burgundy.
Monochromatic style.
Save the best for last, these Gucci coats are to die for. 

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