Summer @ The ROM

 Besides shopping at Bloor-Yorkville, one of the best things to do during the summer is to see the latest exhibitions at the Royal Ontario Museum. Every season, the museum present interesting and educational exhibitions from other countries. For this summer, the ROM presents Pompeii: In The Shadow Of The Volcano which showcase the story of the eruption of Mt Vesuvius over 1,900 years ago and its victims. In the spirit of the Pan Am Games here in Toronto and for PANAMANIA, which is a celebration of the diverse arts and cultures of all of the countries participating, there is VIVA Mexico!  This exhibit shows the clothing and culture of Mexico. It's a fun time visiting the museum during this time. Then afterwards, we all had a dim sum lunch at Dynasty Chinese Yorkville to fill our empty stomachs. We definitely had a whirlwind tour of the world here from Pompeii to Mexican fashion to Chinese dim sum. This is a part of Toronto that is cultural, fashionable and so diverse. 
 Map of Italy that shows the major volcanoes around the country. 
 The victims were discovered around the 1950s. The famous dog here with his bronze collar trying to avoid the heat but no one escaped this tragedy. From animals to human, fell victim to the power and might of the volcano eruption. 
Paintings of the wealthy residents of Pompeii. The bread and olives here were found in a house was covered in ash and turned black. Now these are hard as stone. 
 ROM also participated to celebrate PANAMANIA.
Cantonese chow mein fried noodles with seafood and vegetables and some Dim sum at Dynasty Chinese Yorkville.

Summer Ice Cream Truck

One of my favourites during summer is to have an ice cream. Luckily, here in Toronto, we have this ice cream truck driving around neighbourhoods, playing their tunes to let the residents know that they have arrived. When we hear their tunes, both children and adults run out our houses to make sure that we catch the truck so that we can buy our ice cream. Besides ice cream, the Donkey Kone offers shakes, slush, parfait, sundaes, Popsicles among other ice cold offerings. My favourite is the soft ice cream in both vanilla and chocolate, all twirled into one cone. What will be your favourite here?

Dream Heels At Tanya Heath

 During a summer's stroll along Yorkville, here in Toronto, my friend and I became curious on this boutique with floral display windows. As we ventured in, we discovered that this is the new shoe store of Tanya Heath, a Canadian luxury shoe designer now residing in Paris, France. To our great discovery and delight, it turned out that this is not any ordinary shoe store. This is an extraordinary and unique luxury shoe store with stores in Paris and London. Tanya created the first shoes with changing heels. You purchase the shoe plus several heels according to your own liking. As you can see here, the heels on offer are from stiletto, high block heels and low block heels which comes in different colours and designs.  You can wear one shoes from day to night then change to different heels to update your look. My friend and I were delighted to discover these shoes and will definitely come back in our next shopping expedition in Yorkville. Best of all, these shoes are Made in France. Isn't that amazing?
 How to change the heels? Click the internal button in the shoes for easy changing of the heels.

 The Sales Associate modeled for us. Same sandals with different heels - one is the high block heel and the other is the stiletto heel. This is genius!

The good news is that Tanya's shoes are available on-line.  Tanya's shoes are one of a kind! 

Toronto Pan-Am Games

 The Pan Am Games 2015 begins right here in Toronto from 10 to 26 July. The Pan Am Games is the international sports competition for the North, Central and South American countries with over 200 athletes competing for summer sports.  The City is abuzz with lots of excitement, entertainment and sports competition all around. There is also PANAMANIA which celebrates the arts and cultures of all of the countries participating in the games. Every day there is a free musical concert at Nathan Phillips Square which currently displays the huge TORONTO sign right in front of City Hall (photo above). The TORONTO sign is now the most photographed sign in the city. It's a good thing that the City decided to keep the sign and move it around after the games in different locations around the City. This summer is definitely a time for celebration in everything from sports, arts, cultures and food of all the countries participating in the Games. We welcome all the athletes and visitors to our beautiful and diverse City! 
 Meet Pachi, the Toronto Pan-Am Games mascot. 
The countdown at Nathan Phillips Square with the view of the iconic City Hall. 

Watch the amazing fireworks from the CN Tower during Pan-Am Games opening night.

Toronto Summerlicious

 It's that time of the year again for the Toronto Summerlicious which will run the whole month from 3 to 26 July. This event celebrates the diverse food and the culinary experience around Toronto. There are more than 210 of the top restaurants around Toronto participating offering their 3 or 4 course prix fix menus for lunch and dinner. This is the best time to try out all of the restaurants in your wish list for a reasonable price.  The Summerlicious will also coincide with the largest, busiest and sporty event to be held here in Toronto, the 2015 Pan-Am Games which will have all the athletes from North and South American countries competing for their glory. It will definitely be a delicious and busy summer so far. 
 My friends and I chose to have dinner at Origin North. It was a 3 course dinner where I chose to have the Saffron Arancini with sweet pea and zucchini crudo, Moroccan chicken with spices and couscous and for dessert I had the Salted Caramel Cone soft ice cream. Overall, the food was delicious and very filling.  The setting was very elegant and trendy. Service was very good and friendly.
 My other friends chose the Flank steak which they were not so happy with because the portion was small. The chef even refused to do a medium steak for one of my friends. The chef told us that he will only prepare either rare or well done.  My friend had no choice but to eat a well done steak. This was really strange and not very good customer service. (Photo credit: my friend Amy)
They had the lemon curd with citrus meringue and coconut snow. (Photo credit: my friend Amy)
My dessert of salted caramel cone with soft vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with peanut brittle served in a bowl.  I just love ice cream during summer.

Enjoy the summer!

Summer Blue and White

 My favourite colour is blue and white especially during the summer. Luckily, most of the fashion designers featured this wonderful colour combination into their collection this summer season. Here are some window displays of blue and white here in Toronto and London from Dolce & Gabbana,  Mulberry and Oscar De Rental gowns at Holt Renfew. I just love all of these blue and white bags, shoes and dresses which are just perfect to wear this summer season. 
Dolce & Gabbana Blue White collection. 
Blue and White from Mulberry in London. 
Romantic Oscar De la Renta gowns at Holt Renfrew, Bloor St, Toronto. 

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