Gucci Blooms

 Looking at the latest GG Blooms collection, designed by Alessandro Michele makes me happy and inspired. Alessandro has certainly created a hip, stylish, colourful and happy collection for Gucci. Each item is definitely a collector's item and will be perfect for any season. 
When I was in the Gucci store in Rome, they served me this San Pellegrino refreshing drink and believe it or not they have their own Gucci embossed chocolates. Both the drink and the chocolates tasted so delicious. Behind is a bag from the GG Blooms collection. 

Weekend In Naples

 We travelled to Naples, Italy as a short stop over to do some sightseeing around the city. I learnt that there are two different Naples, one is the old port city that discovered pizza, facing the Mediterranean Sea and the majestic volcano, Mount Vesuvius. My first impression is that the city is quite run down and old for me. The second Naples is driving up the winding hills to see the numerous resorts and access to its beaches. Which ever version of Naples we choose, we will definitely come back here again to learn more about its soul, character and famous pizza Margherita and Marinara.

Naples facing the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Vesuvius. 
Fresh seafood catch from the fishermen. 

Dolce and Gabbana Botanical Garden Collection

 The Dolce and Gabbana, the Italian masters of print and colour, presented this year their Botanical Garden Collection. This time they used banana leaf prints, ikat fabrics used as pockets and used green all over their shoes and bags. Like it or not, this collection looks perfect for summer especially when in the Amalfi coast. I hope you are enjoying these remaining days of summer. 

Weekend At The Rousseau

 During our week at Lake Rousseau in Muskoka, we made sure that we visited The Rousseau, a J.W. Marriott luxury resort, right at Lake Rousseau. Luckily, it was just right beside Clevelands House Resort where we stayed at a cottage for the week. The Rousseau as you can see has sloping views of the lake. The beach is all the way down the stairs and the swimming pools are in the upper level. We did not go down to the beach as nobody felt like climbing up and down the stairs before dinner.  Besides the food and drinks, we enjoyed luxuriously relaxing by their veranda to take in these spectacular and peaceful views of  Lake Rousseau. 

Super Cool FlyBoards

 One of the coolest show I ever saw this summer was the Monday night ski show held at Clevelands House Resort. At around 7:30 pm on Mondays, the guests gather around the dock to watch the spectacular ski show which included the amazing Flyboards. This was the first time I have watched the Flyboards from Lake Rousseau. The boys were champions from Canada and Australia. They did their cartwheels, going up in the air from the water and other spectacular stunts. The resort also offers flyboard lessons to their guests as you can see from the first two photos here. It's an amazing sport to learn if you prefer to do acrobatics  and flying on the water. As for me, I had a fun and amazing time watching them do their flyboard stunts from the lake. 
Watch my amateur Video of the Flyboards Show.

Summer By The Lake

Spending summer in Muskoka is my favourite happy place. I just love being here with the fresh, clean air, clear fresh water on the lakes, delicious food plus their Muskoka Brewery beers. Being in Muskoka is just so peaceful, pure and shows the true beauty of Canada. We stayed in a cottage at the Clevelands House Resort located in Minett, Muskoka, 2 hours north of Toronto. The resort is located in the Lake Rousseau which is one of the 3 Muskoka Lakes. This area is known as the millionaires row as there are many multi-million cottages around this lake. I also love that they were able to preserve all the trees in this region despite building their mega cottages preserving too their privacy.  The resort offers many summer activities like water park on the lake, Ski shows on Monday nights after dinner, there are golf, tennis, badminton courts, beach volleyball, lawn games and many water sports like learning to ski, kayaking, canoeing and even the cool and amazing fly board right on the lake. We also experienced the lovely and peaceful Muskoka sunsets. I love this place very much and I am very lucky indeed to spend my summers here, building memories with my family. 
Kayaking and water park. 
Seriously, we saw these seaplanes landing here one after another. It is the lifestyle of the rich, where they arrive here by Seaplane so that they can play golf and tennis in the resort. 
We saw a Squirrel water skiing during the Monday night Water Ski Show. 
We also saw for the first time, these cool and amazing fly boards right on the lake. 
Ending the day with the peaceful Muskoka sunset. 

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